I did it without crack!

Wow, I am not sure that I am ready to add plumbing to my resume, but I am still quite impressed with myself! A handyman or woman I am not. I prefer to make the call and open the checkbook, but the sting of being fleeced by an auto repairman the day before drove me to attempt what I would never have fathomed before ... I .. yes, I changed a sink. All by myself, no help whatsoever! (The old one had a bottle of perfume go through it)

Now I have to say that it was not the easiest thing I have ever done. I now have a new respect for plumbers, especially the guys who fix RV bathroom items. RV bathrooms are very small and I swear you have to know some Yoga moves to work in them. I had to twist .. a leg here, an arm there, no still can't reach .. ahhh that leg has to do the pretzel thing then I can reach the screw! It wasn't pretty and of all things .. I sweated! I am not keen on exertion to the point of sweating and had to stop and take notice when that drip ran down my forehead and unto my nose. Panicked as to what was happening to me .. I almost stopped. The whole car thing kept me going.

I was quite pleased when I carefully set the new sink down on the counter and trimmed the plumbers play-do from around the edges. Next, I attempted to hook up the things underneath. Apparently it is best to hook those up first, because when I finally did get the pipe things all hooked back up the sink was sticking up 1/2 inch above the countertop! So much for my nice trim job. At that point, what had been my nice soothing Folk tunes I was plumbing too, was about to make me crazy & I had to go put an end to Peter, Paul & Mary's "If I had a hammer.." before I decided to take a hammer to the damn sink .. But no ... I calmed myself, resisted crying and went back with a new resolve to that I could 'do this'.

A few more Yoga moves, dropping screws on my face and losing clips to the depths of the RV and I had it. Whew whew ... time to trim the putty stuff again. Wow, I stood back, wiped my brow .. and admired my work. Oh crap, what's that water on the floor!? No big deal I am woman watch me plumb .. a little tightening and it's okay.

I really did it, I look like hell but I did it and most importantly I did it without showing any crack! The key ... those leotard workout tights. If our handyman were decked out in these babies, we could say goodbye to crack forever. Oh what a wonderful world it would be.