Hotel'n it with Dog

I am currently out on a jaunt without my RV, which means I have to hotel it  .. with the wonder dog.  How motels handle pets never ceases to amaze me.

Motel 6's always take dogs no extra charge.  Thank God for Motel 6.   Other low-end no frills hotels charge anywhere from $10 to $50 for a pet!  As I found out this evening a lot of the mid range hotels take no dogs and then on the higher end .. if they take them they charge up to $100 a night.  

Then there is Loews Hotels, high end and pet-friendly.  Wonder dog & I stayed at Loews in New Orleans when the conference hotel (The Sheraton) said I could have a pet but it couldn't stay in a room by itself .. I couldn't take the dog to the conference or out to eat either and it would cost extra.  So basically you can just stay in your room with your dog?  Loews did not charge extra for the dog, gave us a pet welcome kit along with a room service menu and bowls.  The concierge kept dog cookies which Dog picked up on pretty quickly.   Fast forward to this week, when the conference I was at happened to be at a Loews at Coronado, CA .. beautiful hotel and same treatment for the dog.  They even printed up directions for us t get to the dog beach.  Now obviously, if I could travel without my pet that would be my preference but since I can't always do that the chains that don't freak out & charge you out the wazoo because you have a pet will get my business whether Dog is with me or not.

My dog is pretty easy going .. we get to the hotel/motel, she gets a drink of water, lays down and doesn't move till morning.  She is no more of a risk to trashing a hotel than I am so why pay $25 more?  One place told me that it was to vacuum their hair up ...  aren't they vacuuming anyway?  They aren't paying anyone $25 to make 1 extra swipe with the vacuum they are just charging more because they think they can get away with it.  Kids are more apt to cause damage, write on walls, spill things, etc yet they don't charge extra for them??   I stayed in a chain hotel in Kansas this summer & they charged $25 in cash for the dog for the night and then gave you back $10 in the morning without even looking at your room .. huh??  Tonight we had to stop along the highway for a motel .. 6 motels before we could find one that would take dog for a reasonable price.  Ridiculous!  

Looking for a place to overnight .. try Motel 6.  Looking for a destination resort... consider a Loews .. they get people and pets.