Stamp out voting ignorance!

Please don't vote if you only get your political information from:
  • Billboards
  • TV
  • Email
  • Your Church
  • Radio shows
  • Your friends

As d-day approaches, there is a huge 'get out to vote' campaign.   I think that is great .. it is a privilege that we live in a country where we have the freedom to vote privately and without fear.   The problem is that we have gotten lazy.  We don't inform ourselves about the candidates or issues any more.  We believe the rhetoric spewed on our airways and through email boxes and even from our pulpits without ever digging deeper.   With the advent of the internet we have access to more information than at any other time in history yet we don't always use the resources available to make an informed voting decision.   What is your elected officials voting record on issues that are important to you?   How will each candidates tax plans effect you?  What is Socialism and does it effect you?  Will my taxes really be raised?  Does stem cell research really kill babies??   Will we be less safe if one presidential candidate wins over another?  How much authority does a president really have??  

Don't know?   The good news is you can.   There are plenty of internet sites that can help you be an informed voter. is a great way to see through the spin you see and hear and get the facts about an issue or statements being purported by a campaign.  They are independent and unbiased. gives your representatives voting records, information about Congressional Bills and Resolutions and much more helpful information.   Your elected officials usually have a website that includes information on how they have voted on issues.   I try and stick with factual non-biased informational sites.  Usually, when someone sends me an 'accusatory' type email or makes statements that are designed to make you fear a candidate, I check it out.   Such emails as Obama is a Muslim extremist, he is reading terrorist books, he is Castro all over again.  I check out & have always found them to be lies based in ignorance maybe, but always designed to provoke fear.  I was going to add emails designed to evoke fear of John McCain but actually I haven't received any.  I could give you speculation as to why that is but I will refrain.

The point here being that each of us have a responsibility to be an informed voter.  Do the research yourself.  Don't be intimidated by church leaders who say that you are not a Christian if you vote for Obama or friends that insinuate you hate the environment if you vote for Mc Cain.  The fact is you can vote for Ralph Nader and still be a Christian!  

Voting is about whom the best person is to promote what is important to you.  If you are going to take the time to vote, please take the time to be an informed voter.  I find ignorance of our political system to be at an appalling level.   More voters is great but what we really need is more informed voters.   I have links in the side bar under "Participate in Democracy' to sites that will help you be and stay informed about the political environment within the US.  Do your part and educate yourself and help others to educate themselves (you can even Digg this post to help it reach more folks) .. we can stamp out voter ignorance .. one person at a time.