Scooping Doo

This is how the story goes....

In my backyard a sign I did find
"Scoop the doo or you will go"

As the neighbors saw the sign and cried
"What did you do?"
"Did you not scoop the doo?"

Then the Manager appeared
"Scoop or go" he declared

"Scoop I do!"  I cried
"Tuesday, Friday, Sunday .. scoop I do!"

"Scoop you must" he declared
"Monday, Wednesday, Thursday too"

"If the ditch is wet or the grass is long?"
"Scoop or go" he said with a glare.

"What about the others who never scoop the doo?"
 "Are those who go to other lots to do their doo?"
"Doo in a empty ditch they do not do .. a sign for them too?"

"Tell me who and a sign I will do"
"Tales of doo I cannot tell, and
 policing the doo I cannot do" 

"Scooping the ditch from pooch and critters"
"I can do"

So goes the story of scooping the doo.