Beach Adventures '09 - Day 1

This Mountain girl has decided to expand her horizons and head to the beach to see what all the buzz is about.  Personally, I like clean air, clear mountain lakes, snowy peaks and my heart beating out of my chest as I try to walk at 12,000 .. makes me feel alive.  They say your either a city, beach, desert or mountain person.   I am without a doubt a mountain person but I believe we should all stretch ourselves and try and walk in others shoes .. it's suppose to make us more well rounded.  So my plan, is to spend a season checking out beaches along the Gulf Coast, the East Coast and then along the Great Lakes to see if I get the 'draw'.

Today is day 1.  I am in Port Aransas, TX, on the beach along with thousands of other people .. it is Spring Break.  I am not a crowd person and was expecting the more contemplative strolling along, waves crashing at sunset experience you see on tv rather than college kids hooping and hollering, as the do donuts in their monster trucks!   Popped my dream world bubble real fast, as I grabbed dog to keep her from getting hit by my fellow beach bums.   Had I realized it was Spring Break I might have started this adventure a little later .. but I guess it is always good to start a new adventure with a party.  I don't think I will put on a bikini and join a volleyball game but I might try the donut in the sand with a little holler!   :-)