Charming Charleston

I see why this is city is such a popular destination. It’s certainly got charm. Charming Antebullum homes, charming streets, churches, marina’s, parks, gardens, plantations and more. I 'speedsaw' Charleston, SC .. packed in all I could in 24 hours, namely because the RV park I stayed had extremely unfriendly staff. One night at Oak Plantation RV was all I could make myself pay for and that was only because I really wanted to see the city.

With dog in tow and in the rain, I saw what I could of the historic area. All the bushes, trees and flowers in bloom really added to the charm of the area. The secret gardens and large sitting porches finally made me feel like I was really in the south. A new England feel with palm trees and southern charm. It may top New Orleans for my favorite southern city. I really would like to go back, not as a traveler but to write or work for a few months so I can really soak up this town. I think I could handle sitting out on one of those porches one spring writing and people watching.

I did get to the Swamp gardens at Magnolia Plantation and would have liked to explore more of the gardens in the area. I did meet a retired dock builder named Gary at the local Waffle House. He confirmed I had not had the only negative experience with staff at Oak Plantation, gave me some scoop on what to see when I returned and where to go up the coast. When I go back I want to go hang on a dock built by Gary!. ☺