Moab, Utah

What a fine place to visit. I visit often and I always see something new. This year’s visit included my mom & sister. This was my sister’s first visit to the area and our time was limited so we did the bare essentials: a visit to Arches and Canyonlands National parks and a drive along the river to Castle valley. Though Moab is well known for it’s mountain biking and jeep trails. We had neither a bike or a jeep and still had a great time. At Canyonlands, we explored the Islands in the Sky section and enjoyed the Mesa Arch trail. I longed to try the Schaffer Canyon road down to the white rim even though I did not have a high clearance vehicle but my mothers glares at the mention of it, kept us up top. We did attempt the Long Canyon road on our way back to Moab but low clearance had me turning back there as well.

At Arches we enjoyed the Balanced Rock, the Window arches and the Delicate Arch hike. We visited both parks on week days when there were no special events going on in town, yet we found crowds and tour buses throughout both parks. The parking areas were often full and several times we had to circle to find a parking spot .

With two huge national parks, Dead Horse Point State park, the La Sal mountains, the Colorado river, Slick rock and a few blocks of shops, three days is just not enough time to see it all. I have probably spent a couple of months of time in Moab and haven’t come close to seeing it all. Which is why I keep going back. I love the huge rocks and the incredible maze of canyons created by the Green & Colorado rivers. The vastness of the canyons and rocks always makes me feel very small. I love the reds in the rocks that change with the angle of the sun, the arches and other formations that you just don’t see everywhere. When you get tired of seeing red the La Sal Mountain Loop road makes for a nice day trip. It offers your typical green mountain environment but also great views of the high desert surrounding them. The Colorado river brings the desert to life and adds to the recreational opportunities in the area.

I would say, ‘Moab has something for every one and is someplace everyone should experience’, but apparently the words already out!