Shhhh... Creak, creak, creak..

Ahhh, the sound of the WD40 and the keyboard keys being pressed again after such a longggggg time! It is hard to sit down and write after not doing so for so long, but I intend to get these keys moving again and keep them moving this time!

So let's catch up. I was last speed touring through Capital Reef, Bryce & Zion. I landed in Las Vegas which I may backtrack and write a bit about. Then was off to the Sedona area which I may revisit as well, then back to the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas for the winter. And what a cold, rainy, winter it was. You would think with all the nasty weather that I would have had time to write a bit but I did not.

Mom spent a lot of the winter with me. I also managed to get in a few Facebook training classes for the folks at our park and do a presentation on Yellowstone. I had seen a cool presentation on Ecuador that was done with Apple's Keynote software which inspired me to retool my Yellowstone Presentation. I found Keynote to be far superior than Powerpoint in features and ease of use. I think folks liked the presentation as well. Thanks to my friend Tom Sykes for the inspiration to make the change and helping me get started.

I also caught up with fellow Fulltime RVer and Life on the Open Road Blogger, Diana, for the first time when she came to check out the dancing in the Valley. She told me all about the WINS (Wandering Individuals Network), which I have yet to catch up with .. even though they look like they have a great time... One of these days! I appreciate her taking the time to meet with me since I have been following her blog for quite a while. I love her pics and the fact that she gets off the beaten path a bit more than I do.

I made several new friends over the winter and built on relationships from past winters. Spending 4 months in one place with a lot of the same folks each year really is nice. Having Social Networking sites like Facebook helps to keep connected to those relationships throughout the year and I appreciate that. Despite how much I love South Texas and my friends that winter there, I am looking to explore some new stomping grounds out in AZ or CA next year. A big change after 6 season in the same place but hey that's why I live on wheels, right!?

Okay .. I think these keys are starting to loosen up a bit here but the sun is showing itself on these Colorado mountains for the first time in days. I don't want to strain a finger my first day back.. so I better go catch a sun ray while I can.