Inyokern/Ridgecrest, CA area

Yellow as far as you could see South of Ridgecrest along Hwy395

I had been reading some of the local tourist brochures for Kern county and kept seeing neat things in Ridgecrest so I wanted to make a stop there.   I stayed in a Passport RV park in Inyokern and set out to see the sights in Ridgecrest 9 miles away.   My first stop was at their museum, the lady there was very helpful but when I wondered into the one room museum section while I was waiting for her to bring me literature she told me I had to make a $5 donation to see the museum part.  Thinking that it isn’t a donation if it is mandatory .. I left.
Yellow desert south of InyoKern off Hwy 14

Next stop was the BLM office as the lady at the museum told me they would have the information on dispersed camping areas going north.   The lady there wouldn’t even get up to come to the counter to speak with me.  I was quite disappointed in Ridgecrest.  The flowers around Ridgecrest however, were fabulous.  North & South of Ridgecrest were miles and miles of desert filled with yellow wildflowers.  The desert behind the RV park I was in had all different  kinds of flowers in it.   Every day I would see a new type of flower that I had not seen before.  It was very cool.   I spent 3 days here checking out canyons and scenic drives.  I didn’t make it too the Trona Pinnacles or the BLM Wild Horse place or to Lake Isabelle which are on the ‘official’ do not miss list for the area but I was so taken by the wildflowers, I was more than content with what I saw.
Yellow desert, Joshua Trees and funky rocks at Red Rock Canyon SP

I did visit Red Rock Canyon State Park and enjoyed all the very weird rock formations.  It was kind of like a gray Bryce Canyon in some places. I did take a trip down to Randsburg, which is billed as a ‘living ghost town’ .. I saw no one living while I was there.  It was after 5 which may have been the problem, the other is I was just more interested in nature’s show that was going on at the time.
More funky rocks at Red Rocks Canyon SP

Red Rocks Canyon