10 Great iPhone Apps for RV'ers

Thousands of apps available and more being added every day but here are 10 of my favorite RVing apps for the iPhone.

  • AllStays Camp & RV - $5.99    Hands down the best app for RVers that I have found to date.  Many options on the filters, includes dump stations and BLM land though not complete on BLM land yet.  If you just get one app for RVing get this one.
  • Woodall's - Free  Some nice features, plus the Woodall ratings and easy to use.   I thought the  Woodall's app was much more user friendly than the Trailer Life RV Park Finder app.
  • Passport America - Free  Helpful and easy to use if you prefer Passport parks like I do.  Gives you all of the Passport information plus rates.
  • Road Ahead - Free  As long as you know your exit number this app is great.  You can select the categories of what you are looking for at an exit or search for the Merchant you want to find such as Flying J, Wendy's or whatever.  It tells you the prices on some gas stations plus gives you the phone number to call but it doesn't have a filter for Big Rig Friendly which would be nice.
  • Oh Ranger! Park Finder - Free  Love this app for finding what there is to do around where I am.  You can search by what you like to do ie, hiking, birding, biking, etc and the app gives you the information on the closest places to go for the activity that you want with details and directions.   Great app!
  • Park Maps (National Geographic) - $3.99   Contains the Park Maps for several of the Major National Parks.  Clicking on the search icon in the top right takes you to trail and road information that includes length, difficulty and other items of interest.  You can download an HD version as well.
  • RA Camping - Free  Reserve America's app has more state and federal campgrounds than private which make it more useful for tenters and smaller rigs but the cool thing about this app is that you can use the filter for campsites for your rig size.   This doesn't automatically populate campgrounds as you move around.  It only shows within a set distance and you have to go back & change the city to explore another area which is kind of a pain.   It does take you to the reservation screen and check availability for you, so it gets a thumbs up for that.
  • RVparking.com - Free   This shows some parks that the others don't because it shows mobile home parks as well as RV parks.  The Park Details feature is nice but there are no filters to allow you to view parks with amenities you are looking for like wifi, pet friendly or whatever.  It is just a basic search for a particular city or area.
  • Blue Beacon - Free  - I like to be able to get my rig cleaned before I am gonna land for a while.  This app replaces my little paper Blue Beacon finder.  :-)

If I had to pick just a three I would chose the Allstays Camp & RV, the Road Ahead and the Oh Ranger! app.  The great thing about apps is new ones become available everyday and the ones that are already out will hopefully continue to improve.  Another bonus to making the move from paper books and maps to apps is that it lightens my rig and with gas prices on the rise every ounce counts!