It started as just a short simple hike to a nearby waterfall.  I thought it would be a good idea to gauge my readiness on something simple before attempting a strenuous hike later in the week.   It all started off great.  Who knew Arkansas had so many types of fungi!?   I was fascinated by all the fungi & lichens on the forest floor.   It took me forever to get the .8 miles to the waterfall because I took so many shroom pics. When I made it to the waterfall ..  I was a bit disappointed to find a dripping ledge of a waterfall.  As I started to take a few pics, an ‘unscheduled’ downpour started and I took shelter under a large rock ledge a bit past the waterfall and its little stream.  When under the ledge I checked my weather app & sure enough they said it was partly cloudy with no rain .. nice.   As I waited the 15 – 20 minutes for the rain to slow down I noticed a few things.   The first being that I was on the edge of a huge overhang & the waterfall that I had seen was clearly not “the waterfall”  and in order to see “the waterfall” I had to move around the ledge & down.   This is how the “Thought-o-log” went once the rain stopped….

A little protection from the rain.
Hmmm …  the trail blazes stop here.. surely there should be a blaze beyond this little muddy stream.   Nope … no blaze… no trail….  Trails are overrated.   I think I can move through this brush and get down to where I can see the falls.  Oh… I think that might be poison something..   Ouch!!!  Dang these rocks are slippery when wet.  Its just a little ledge .. ouch, oh that’s a lot of mud!  Good thing I left my hiking boots IN THE CAR where they are nice & dry!  Oh oh! Jumping and flailing, jumping & flailing I hope that spider is not in my hair!    Oh that fall isn’t as pretty as I hoped, but if I hang off the this tree I might be able to get a pic of both… or not.   
Now how did I get down here?    Oh uh,  I feel itchy.. I think that might have been poison something. Don’t rub your eyes don’t rub your eyes.   Dang its so hot & humid I think my eyelids are sweating and its going in my eyes!!  Wow that little stream has sure grown from the run-off.  Sure wish I had worn those boots.  Oh good the trail!   I LOVE TRAILS!  Glad I  missed that web!   Crap..REALLY!?   How close together can spiders live?!  And how quickly can spiders build these huge webs anyway, I was just here an hour ago?   Oh thank goodness the car..  Pizza .. oh pizza sounds great…   Don’t judge me gas station pizza lady… yes I know I have leaves stuck to the mud on my legs ..  I am okay with that.  It’s the spiders I am concerned about.   Fine be a judger ..  I will take my dollars elsewhere.

And so went my first foray into the Arkansas forest.  I think I might have to rethink that strenuous hike .. this time!  For more pics see His Wonders FB page under "Fun in the Forest".